Californians Fall Ill Due to Synthetic Pot-Laced Cakes

Southern California Bakery Laces Cakes with Synthetic Pot, Several Fall Ill As many as 40 people may have fallen ill after ingesting a traditional Hispanic holiday bread called the 3 Kings Cake, which was laced with synthetic pot. Cholula Bakery sold numerous Rosca de Reyes, or Three Kings Cakes, … [Read more...]

Several States Move to Ban Synthetic Drugs

As DEA Examines Synthetic Drugs’ Safety, Several States Make Their Own Laws Bath salts, K2, molly – synthetic drugs are rampant in the US, and although the drugs can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and other terrible side effects, manufacturers of the drugs keep the chemical compounds one step … [Read more...]

New Synthetic Drug Killing Teenage Users

New Synthetic Drug, LSD-Like “N-Bomb” Killing Young Users A new synthetic drug is responsible for killing some young users. The synthetic drug is commonly referred to as “N-Bomb,” and causes euphoria and hallucinations. The drug is described as much like LSD, but can be more deadly.  In South … [Read more...]

Feds Crack Down on Synthetic Drugs in 29 States

Federal Agents Raid Synthetic Drug Manufacturers in 29 States On Wednesday, May 7th, federal agents conducted raids in 29 states in a massive crackdown on synthetic drug manufacturers. Authorities say that the synthetic drug crackdown occurred because of a suspected link between drug … [Read more...]

Colorado Cracks Down on Synthetic Marijuana

Colorado Legislators and Doctors Meet to Close Legal Loophole for Synthetic Marijuana On Monday, December 2nd, legislators and doctors met to find a way to close a loophole in Colorado’s laws that allows the sale of synthetic marijuana and other drugs over the counter in specialty stores and … [Read more...]

Upstate Couple Busted in Largest Synthetic Drug Raid in South Carolina

Federal Investigators Busted Gaffney Couple in Massive Synthetic Drug Raid A Gaffney couple, along with one of their former employees, has been busted in a raid in Upstate South Carolina. Investigators are calling it the largest synthetic drug bust in the Upstate area. Steven Petty, 42, and his … [Read more...]