Several States Move to Ban Synthetic Drugs

As DEA Examines Synthetic Drugs’ Safety, Several States Make Their Own Laws Bath salts, K2, molly – synthetic drugs are rampant in the US, and although the drugs can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and other terrible side effects, manufacturers of the drugs keep the chemical compounds one step … [Read more...]

DEA Reports that Molly is Not Ecstasy, Could Be Bath Salts or Worse

After Four Deaths in the Northeast, DEA Cracks Down on Molly Dealers, Reports Drugs Are Not Pure A bad batch of Molly, a popular club drug that is marketed as a pure and safe form of ecstasy, was reportedly responsible for the deaths of four young adults in the Northeast at the end of … [Read more...]

Upstate Couple Busted in Largest Synthetic Drug Raid in South Carolina

Federal Investigators Busted Gaffney Couple in Massive Synthetic Drug Raid A Gaffney couple, along with one of their former employees, has been busted in a raid in Upstate South Carolina. Investigators are calling it the largest synthetic drug bust in the Upstate area. Steven Petty, 42, and his … [Read more...]

A Bath Salt Ban Success Story

South Carolina Drug Crimes Lawyer With all the negative stories being told regarding bath salts, one story shines a ray of hope that the bath salt ban that may actually work. A Minnesota man credits a statewide bath salt ban for ridding him of his bath salt addiction. Brooks (who asked that … [Read more...]

What is “Meow Meow”?

South Carolina Drug Crimes Attorneys Before the “bath salts” craze there was a similar Generic cialis without prescription drug that sparked controversy called, “meow meow”. “Meow meow” took the British drug scene by storm. “Meow meow’s” technical name was Mephedrone, but was referred to on … [Read more...]

Nationwide Ban for Bath Salts?

South Carolina Drug Crimes Attorneys A New York woman has become the latest victim of bath salts. A Madison County woman ingested bath salts causing her to beat her three-year-old son and attack police. Police were eventually able to subdue the woman through the use of pepper spray and a … [Read more...]

Man Calls Bath Salts “Evilest Thing Imaginable”

The Dangers of Bath Salts The bath salt “zombie” saga continues. Another video has been released showing a self proclaimed drug addict under the influence of bath salts. Freddy Sharp, the man in the video, says he has been a drug addict since the age of 13 and calls bath salts the “evilest … [Read more...]

DEA to Ban “Bath Salts” Drug

(WASHINGTOND.C.)- Under increasing pressure from several states, the Drug Enforcement Administration says it will temporarily prohibit possession and sale of three synthetic stimulants – known as "bath salts." The DEA says they are hazardous chemicals that pose a danger to public health. CBS News … [Read more...]

‘Bath Salts’ Drug Worry on the Rise in South Carolina

Abuse of a dangerous, highly- addictive recreational drug called "bath salts" sold on the Internet and at some gas stations and convenience stores has made its way to South Carolina and much of the Southeast. The designer drug has gained popularionline viagra sales ty and has already been banned … [Read more...]