I Was Pulled Over for Speeding and had Drugs in My Car

What do i do? If you are pulled over for something simple as speeding, approached by a drug dog, and subsequently searched and arrested you have rights under the 4th Amendment which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Whether you are charged with: • Interstate drug … [Read more...]

U.S. Troops Using Pain-killing Lollipops to Ease Soldier Pain

USA Today -  Marine units in Afghanistan now have a new tool for their soldiers who have  a severe battlefield injury to numb the pain. "It's known as a "morphine lollipop," said Rear Adm. Michael Anderson, the top Navy medical officer to the Marine Corps. The active ingredient in the lollipop … [Read more...]

Michael Douglas’s Son Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Cocaine and Heroin into Jail

South Carolina Drug Crime Attorneys The New York Daily News reported in October Actor Michael Douglas' troubled son pleaded guilty to yet another drugeneric viagra ukg charge - this time confessing he managed to obtain drugs while in prison. Cameron Douglas, 32, admitted he smuggled and … [Read more...]

DEA to Ban “Bath Salts” Drug

(WASHINGTOND.C.)- Under increasing pressure from several states, the Drug Enforcement Administration says it will temporarily prohibit possession and sale of three synthetic stimulants – known as "bath salts." The DEA says they are hazardous chemicals that pose a danger to public health. CBS News … [Read more...]

Drug Investigation in Newberry County Leads to Nearly 30 Arrests

Newberry County police arrested nearly 30 people after a yearlong roundup. According to WIS News 10, the Newberry Police, County Sherriff’s Department and South Calevitra onlinerolina Law Enforcement Division worked together to bring about the arrests. The arrests were based on charges for drug … [Read more...]