Pain Doctor Charged with 5 Prescription Painkiller Deaths

Pain Doctor Who Unnecessarily Prescribed Prescription Painkillers Charged with 5 Deaths A pain doctor with offices in Louisville, Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Indiana has been charged with the deaths of five patients who died from prescription painkiller overdoses. Dr. Jaime Guerrero faces a … [Read more...]

No More Synthetic Marijuana at Gas Stations, Attorney Generals Demand

States’ Attorney Generals Send Letter to Oil Companies Asking Them Not to Condone Synthetic Marijuana at Gas Stations The attorney generals from 43 states in the US have all co-written and signed a letter that was sent to several major oil companies, requesting their help to stop the sales of … [Read more...]

Study Suggests Women More Sensitive To Marijuana

Women Possibly More Sensitive to Marijuana’s Effects A recent study conducted by researchers at Washington State University has become the first to document differences in people who are sensitive to marijuana related to gender, and sex hormones. The study was published in Drug and Alcohol … [Read more...]

Chronic Pain Could Lead to Prescription Painkiller Addiction

Americans With Chronic Pain May Take Unnecessary High Doses of Prescription Painkillers A new federal report released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on Monday, January 12th, reveals that, despite states cracking down on pill mills and drug-seeking behavior, prescriptions for painkillers … [Read more...]

SC Prescription Monitoring Program Can Help Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Committee Agrees South Carolina Prescription Monitoring Program Could Help Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse In March this year, Governor Nikki Haley issued Executive Order 2014-22, which created the Governor’s Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Council. The council was tasked with studying South … [Read more...]

Study Finds Prescription Painkiller Dangers Outweigh Benefits

Doctors’ Group Issues Warnings About Prescription Painkiller Dangers The American Academy of Neurology released a statement on Monday, September 29th, that studies show prescription painkiller dangers outweigh the benefits when treating chronic pain problems like migraines, low back pain, and … [Read more...]

Superman Wannabe Arrested on Drug Charges in Utah

Man in Superman Shirt Arrested on DUID, Other Drug Charges Superman may be able to fly away when he’s in danger, but a man in Utah couldn’t outrun the police that pulled him over and arrested him on drug charges. The suspect’s name is Christopher Reeves, reminiscent of the late actor Christopher … [Read more...]

Former Dentist Sentenced for Prescription Fraud, Solicitation

Former New Jersey Dentist Sentenced to Prison for Prescription Fraud and Soliciting Sex A former dentist from Succasunna, NJ has been sentenced to prison for prescription fraud and soliciting sexual favors from female patients. Ronald Jupiter has received three years in prison, which he must … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana May Help Multiple Sclerosis

Medical Marijuana Study Shows Compound May Help Multiple Sclerosis Better than Other Treatments According to a new study published in Neurology, medical marijuana may help alleviate several symptoms of multiple sclerosis where other treatments fail. MS symptoms are often difficult to alleviate, … [Read more...]

Meth Labs Are A Growing Problem in Richland County

Mobile Meth Lab in Truck Highlights Growing Problem On Friday, January 16th, Richland County officers arrested a man after finding a mobile meth lab in the trunk of his car. Samuel Guilard, 47, was pulled over for speeding down Kelly Mill Road, according to official reports. However, deputies … [Read more...]