SC Prescription Monitoring Program Can Help Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Committee Agrees South Carolina Prescription Monitoring Program Could Help Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse In March this year, Governor Nikki Haley issued Executive Order 2014-22, which created the Governor’s Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Council. The council was tasked with studying South … [Read more...]

Marijuana Operation Raid Yields Drugs, Guns, Super Bowl Tickets

Drug Operation Raids in Oregon Uncover Cash, Marijuana, Guns, and Super Bowl Tickets Oregon police raided several houses in connection with a marijuana distribution operation, and have reportedly seized guns, cash, fancy cars, marijuana, and Super Bowl tickets. The investigation began with the … [Read more...]

New Study Finds 1 in 10 Teens Abuse Prescription Drugs

Study Finds Many Teenagers Abuse Prescription Drugs, ER Could Help Screen for Addiction Problems According to a new study from the University of Michigan, over 10% of teenagers and young adults treated in a hospital emergency room admitted to misusing or abusing a prescription drug, painkiller, or … [Read more...]