Marijuana Operation Raid Yields Drugs, Guns, Super Bowl Tickets

Drug Operation Raids in Oregon Uncover Cash, Marijuana, Guns, and Super Bowl Tickets

super bowlOregon police raided several houses in connection with a marijuana distribution operation, and have reportedly seized guns, cash, fancy cars, marijuana, and Super Bowl tickets.

The investigation began with the arrest of Kao Choy Saecho, 39, on Friday, January 24th, at the Portland International Airport. A search of his luggage uncovered $49,000 in cash. Saecho was arrested on money laundering charges. Police obtained a search warrant for his house in Portland, where they seized 12 pounds of marijuana, four rifles, two handguns, a small amount of steroids, and another $2,900 in cash.

Investigators looked into the potential drug crimes and obtained another search warrant for additional suspect Matthew Parker, 42, who lives in the Gresham neighborhood in Portland. As officers waited near Parker’s house to execute the search warrant, they reportedly saw two men exit Parker’s home with several large trash bags, which they placed in the back of a 2002 Cadillac Escalade in Parker’s driveway.

One of the men, Edwin Olson, was arrested at the scene, while the other suspect escaped.

When police executed a search warrant on the trash bags, they found 212 pounds of processed marijuana, and three Super Bowl XLVIII tickets, which officers believe were purchased with drug money. Police also seized the Escalade, along with a 2002 Hummer H2 which was on the property.

Officers then executed a search warrant on Parker’s home, where they found $300,000 in American dollars, $3,850 Euros, and an 80-inch television. A storage locker under Parker’s name also housed a 47-inch television along with a large amount of marijuana growing equipment.

Investigators learned of a storage locker in Parker’s name in Florida, which could lead to interstate charges at the federal level. Florida law enforcement executed a search warrant on that locker and found 45 pounds of processed marijuana, and investigators later confiscated about $25,000 from various bank accounts in Parker’s name.

A search warrant at another home in Northeast Portland led to the seizure of 84 mature marijuana plants, as well as various pieces of growing equipment.

Oregon has not legalized marijuana for recreational use, and the state’s medical marijuana program is tightly regulated.

Investigators believe that the man who escaped the Gresham home is Parker’s 19-year-old son Dreyson. Neither Parker nor his son have been caught. Saecho was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on charges of marijuana trafficking and money laundering.

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