Chronic Pain Could Lead to Prescription Painkiller Addiction

Americans With Chronic Pain May Take Unnecessary High Doses of Prescription Painkillers A new federal report released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on Monday, January 12th, reveals that, despite states cracking down on pill mills and drug-seeking behavior, prescriptions for painkillers … [Read more...]

DEA Will Restrict Prescription Painkiller Use

DEA Issues Rules to Restrict Prescription Painkiller Use to Curb Abuse On Thursday, August 21st, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced that it would restrict prescription painkiller use in the US in order to curb the use of some of the most common rising problem of narcotic drug … [Read more...]

Prescription Painkiller Addiction Highest In South

South Carolina, More Southern States, Have Worst Rates of Prescription Painkiller Addiction A report published on Tuesday, July 8th, analyzed rates of opioid prescriptions across the nation in 2012, and while Florida – previously one of the worst offenders – appeared to have cleaned up its act, … [Read more...]

Massachusetts Blocks Zohydro Sales

Massachusetts Bans Sale of Powerful Prescription Painkiller Zohydro Officials in Massachusetts agreed to block the sale of the controversial, but FDA-approved, prescription painkiller, Zohydro. Governor Deval Patrick announced the ban on the prescription painkiller on Thursday, March 27th, and … [Read more...]

Debate About Zohydro Safety Heats Up

Bill Proposes to Ban Zohydro Because of Drug Abuse Concerns A West Virginia senator proposed a ban on the single-ingredient painkiller, Zohydro, citing questions about the drug’s safety. Last month, the FDA approved an incredibly strong prescription painkiller –Zohydro, which critics worry is so … [Read more...]

New Prescription Painkiller Raises Addiction Concerns

FDA Approved Prescription Painkiller Described as “Genuinely Frightening” The FDA recently reclassified hydrocodone-based prescription painkillers from Schedule III to Schedule II – a classification that would mean patients would have to revisit their doctor every time they needed a refill. This … [Read more...]

FDA Announced New Safety Rules for Prescription Painkillers

FDA Announces New Regulations to Help Prevent Prescription Painkiller Abuse On Wednesday, September 11th, the FDA announced that they will make changes to safety labeling and post-market study requirements to help prevent prescription painkiller abuse and addiction, especially with long-acting and … [Read more...]