Mass. Governor Seeks Limits on Zohydro

After Federal Judge Strikes Down Ban on Zohydro, Massachusetts Governor Seeks Legal Limitations Recently, a federal judge struck down Massachusetts’s ban on Zohydro, a powerful new opioid painkiller that many legislators fear could be more addictive than oxycodone or hydrocodone. Now, Massachusetts … [Read more...]

Massachusetts Blocks Zohydro Sales

Massachusetts Bans Sale of Powerful Prescription Painkiller Zohydro Officials in Massachusetts agreed to block the sale of the controversial, but FDA-approved, prescription painkiller, Zohydro. Governor Deval Patrick announced the ban on the prescription painkiller on Thursday, March 27th, and … [Read more...]

Indiana Attorney General to Block Zohydro

Indiana Attorney General Calls on Other Attorneys General to Block Zohydro Sales Prescription painkiller abuse has become epidemic in the United States, and in response, Indiana’s Attorney General has called on other attorneys general across the country to block sales of a powerful new prescription … [Read more...]

Debate About Zohydro Safety Heats Up

Bill Proposes to Ban Zohydro Because of Drug Abuse Concerns A West Virginia senator proposed a ban on the single-ingredient painkiller, Zohydro, citing questions about the drug’s safety. Last month, the FDA approved an incredibly strong prescription painkiller –Zohydro, which critics worry is so … [Read more...]