Study Finds Prescription Painkiller Dangers Outweigh Benefits

Doctors’ Group Issues Warnings About Prescription Painkiller Dangers The American Academy of Neurology released a statement on Monday, September 29th, that studies show prescription painkiller dangers outweigh the benefits when treating chronic pain problems like migraines, low back pain, and … [Read more...]

Superman Wannabe Arrested on Drug Charges in Utah

Man in Superman Shirt Arrested on DUID, Other Drug Charges Superman may be able to fly away when he’s in danger, but a man in Utah couldn’t outrun the police that pulled him over and arrested him on drug charges. The suspect’s name is Christopher Reeves, reminiscent of the late actor Christopher … [Read more...]

DEA Will Restrict Prescription Painkiller Use

DEA Issues Rules to Restrict Prescription Painkiller Use to Curb Abuse On Thursday, August 21st, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced that it would restrict prescription painkiller use in the US in order to curb the use of some of the most common rising problem of narcotic drug … [Read more...]

Mass. Governor Seeks Limits on Zohydro

After Federal Judge Strikes Down Ban on Zohydro, Massachusetts Governor Seeks Legal Limitations Recently, a federal judge struck down Massachusetts’s ban on Zohydro, a powerful new opioid painkiller that many legislators fear could be more addictive than oxycodone or hydrocodone. Now, Massachusetts … [Read more...]

OxyContin Most Abused Prescription Painkiller in US

Study Finds That OxyContin and Hydrocodone Most Abused Prescription Painkillers Oxycodone, the active ingredient in prescription painkillers like OxyContin and Percocet, as well as Hydrocodone, which is the active ingredient in painkillers like Vicodin, are the two most popular prescription … [Read more...]

Study Shows Hospitals Overuse Narcotic Painkillers

As Narcotic Painkiller Abuse Rises, New Study Shows Hospitals Give Patients Too Many Strong Drugs A new study released on Wednesday, November 13th shows that hospitalized patients often receive powerful narcotic painkillers, regardless of whether or not they’ve had surgery. The finding comes as … [Read more...]

FDA Suggests Limits on Prescription Painkillers

After Deliberation, FDA Recommends Limits on All Prescription Painkillers In January of this year, the FDA convened an advisory committee to hear evidence related to hydrocodone and related prescription painkillers, which voted in favor of reclassifying those prescription painkillers as Schedule … [Read more...]