Medical Marijuana May Help Multiple Sclerosis

Medical Marijuana Study Shows Compound May Help Multiple Sclerosis Better than Other Treatments

medical marijuanaAccording to a new study published in Neurology, medical marijuana may help alleviate several symptoms of multiple sclerosis where other treatments fail.

MS symptoms are often difficult to alleviate, and those with the chronic illness often turn to alternative medicine to help the pain and joint stiffness. Medical marijuana is one of many treatments, according to the study, but when consumed in spray or pill form, the drug is more effective than other alternative treatments. More than 2.3 million people worldwide suffer from MS.

A panel of experts from the American Academy of Neurology reviewed more than 40 years of research in 2,608 studies, and found that medical marijuana was the best treatment for the widest array of MS-related symptoms.

“It’s a very common practice in the MS patient population to try alternative therapies,” said the author of the guidelines, Dr. Vijayshree Yadav, clinical director of Oregon Health & Science University’s MS Center, in Portland.

“The problem is there was never an evidence-based recommendation for MS patients or those taking care of patients,” Yadav said. “This is a first step to educate each audience.”

“What we learned are these specific forms of medical marijuana can ease patients’ symptoms – specific symptoms of spasticity, or muscle stiffness … and helped with frequent urination,” study author Dr. Pushpa Narayanaswami said.

However, the report stated clearly that there is not enough evidence that smoking marijuana, even for medicinal reasons, would have the same effect as extracts in pill or spray form.

There were also negative side effects associated with medical marijuana, including dizziness, drowsiness, loss of balance, and cognitive problems such as memory loss, and depression.

Timothy Coetzee, chief advocacy, services and research officer for the National MS Society, was not involved in crafting the guidelines but said the potential of medical marijuana as a treatment for MS symptoms is important. “I think it really emphasizes our approach to support the rights of people with MS to work with their doctors, recognizing that they need to do this in the context of the legal regulations of the state they’re in,” he said.

Medical marijuana sprays are not currently legal in the US, but some US patients with MS obtain the drug from Canada. Man-made marijuana pills are FDA-approved to treat nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy, but not for other uses. However, Yadav said that, sometimes, a patient with MS can be prescribed medical marijuana pills for “off-label” use, at their doctor’s discretion.

“We’re at a place where we need to continue to understand and better appreciate the benefits of what we know and don’t know about [alternative medicine],” Coetzee said. “I view it as integrated care. It’s important we continue to keep our options open so people with MS can live their best lives.

Currently, 22 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. A bill in the South Carolina House of Representatives would make medical marijuana use legal in the state, while a bill in the Senate proposes a specific marijuana extract could be used to treat limited types of diseases, including cancer pain, epilepsy disorders, and MS. However, both bills are controversial and neither has passed yet.

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