No More Synthetic Marijuana at Gas Stations, Attorney Generals Demand

States’ Attorney Generals Send Letter to Oil Companies Asking Them Not to Condone Synthetic Marijuana at Gas Stations The attorney generals from 43 states in the US have all co-written and signed a letter that was sent to several major oil companies, requesting their help to stop the sales of … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana Regulations a Challenge in Recreational Marijuana States

States with Recreational Marijuana Laws Find Medical Marijuana a Challenge Washington and Colorado were the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana use, and in the recent midterm elections, Oregon and Alaska, along with Washington, DC, followed suit. However, Colorado and Washington … [Read more...]

Colorado Funds Medical Marijuana Research

Colorado Becomes First State to Fund Medical Marijuana Research On Wednesday, December 17th, state officials in Colorado agreed to award $8 million to the study of medical marijuana to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, childhood epilepsy, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The state is now … [Read more...]

Congress Allows Medical Marijuana in Spending Bill

Congress Passes Spending Bill that Ends War on Drugs for States with Legal Medical Marijuana The passage of the federal spending bill this past Saturday, December 13th, signaled an historic moment for medical marijuana and the War on Drugs in the United States. The spending bill included an … [Read more...]

More States See Recreational Marijuana on Ballot

As Midterm Elections Near, Two More States and DC Will Vote on Recreational Marijuana In 2012, Colorado and Washington State became the first two states in the US to legalize recreational marijuana use. Although many states have passed medical marijuana legislation, which can be especially … [Read more...]

SC Legislators Hear Testimony on Medical Marijuana Legislation

South Carolina Legislators Consider Medical Marijuana Legislation, Hear Testimony from Possible Patients On Thursday, October 2nd, South Carolina lawmakers heard testimony from chronically-ill patients and a doctor on the potential benefits of medical marijuana legislation in the state. In June … [Read more...]

Robert Downey Jr’s Son Charged with Felony Drug Possession

Son of Hollywood Actor Robert Downey Jr Faces Felony Drug Possession Charges According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Robert Downey Jr’s son, Indio, was arrested in June on charges of felony drug possession for cocaine. The 20-year-old was allegedly seen taking a hit off a cocaine … [Read more...]

Massive SC Drug Bust Leads to 45 Arrests

2-Year Investigation Leads to Drug Bust, 45 Arrests, 100 Warrants A two-year investigation combining efforts from state and local officials from Newberry, Laurens, and Fairfield counties led to a massive drug bust that led to 100 warrants and 45 arrests. The drug bust, launched the morning of … [Read more...]

Illegal Search and Seizure Leads to Dismissal of Drug Charges

South Carolina Felony Drug Possession Charges Police have dropped drug charges against Courtney Wagner, the daughter of Natalie Wood, after concluding that she was arrested for illegal drugs recovered from an illegal search and seizure. Police discovered the illegal drugs after responding to a … [Read more...]

Mexico’s Most Wanted Drug Lord’s Wife Gives birth to Twins in U.S.

California – MSNBC reported Mexico’s most wanted drug lord’s wife has given birth to twin girls at a hospital in California. The Los Angeles Times stated Emma Coronel, the 22-year-old wife of Joacheap priligyquin Guzman, came to the U.S. in mid-July and delivered her daughters at Antelope Valley … [Read more...]