Study Suggests Women More Sensitive To Marijuana

Women Possibly More Sensitive to Marijuana’s Effects A recent study conducted by researchers at Washington State University has become the first to document differences in people who are sensitive to marijuana related to gender, and sex hormones. The study was published in Drug and Alcohol … [Read more...]

Congress Allows Medical Marijuana in Spending Bill

Congress Passes Spending Bill that Ends War on Drugs for States with Legal Medical Marijuana The passage of the federal spending bill this past Saturday, December 13th, signaled an historic moment for medical marijuana and the War on Drugs in the United States. The spending bill included an … [Read more...]

Amendment Could Legalize Medical Marijuana in Florida

Florida Poised to Become First Southern State to Legalize Medical Marijuana An amendment that could legalize medical marijuana in the state of Florida will be on the state’s ballot this November. Not only could Florida become the first Southern state to fully legalize medical marijuana, but the … [Read more...]

SC Lawmakers Discuss Medical Marijuana Legalization

After CBD Oil Law Passed, Legislators Regrouping to Discuss More Medical Marijuana On June 2nd, Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill into law making one very specific form of medical marijuana legal – CBD oil, or cannabidiol, which can treat epilepsy. Now, legislators are meeting to discuss further … [Read more...]

Marijuana Possession Charges in SC After Man Hides Baggies in Underwear

Marijuana Possession Charges in SC: Man Hid 41 Baggies of Marijuana in Underwear Although one type of medical marijuana is technically legal in South Carolina – cannabidiol, an oil extract that does not contain THC, the compound in marijuana that intoxicates the user – no other type of marijuana … [Read more...]