Congress Allows Medical Marijuana in Spending Bill

Congress Passes Spending Bill that Ends War on Drugs for States with Legal Medical MarijuanaThe passage of the federal spending bill this past Saturday, December 13th, signaled an historic moment for medical marijuana and the War on Drugs in the United States.The spending bill included an … [Read more...]

Mid-Term Elections See Passage of Recreational Marijuana

Oregon, Alaska, DC Legalize Recreational Marijuana, Florida Rejects Amendment 2Although Florida did not pass its medical marijuana amendment – Amendment 2 – four other areas legalized recreational use of marijuana.Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC all legalized the recreational use of marijuana, … [Read more...]

Drug-Free Workplace Laws Conflict with Legalized Marijuana

As Marijuana Legislation Sweeps the Country, Employment Laws Must Keep UpBoth Washington State and Colorado passed bills legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, and about half the states in the US now have legalized medical marijuana. However, federal law still states that marijuana is … [Read more...]