No More Synthetic Marijuana at Gas Stations, Attorney Generals Demand

States’ Attorney Generals Send Letter to Oil Companies Asking Them Not to Condone Synthetic Marijuana at Gas Stations The attorney generals from 43 states in the US have all co-written and signed a letter that was sent to several major oil companies, requesting their help to stop the sales of … [Read more...]

Does Marijuana Use Damage the Brain?

Long-Term and Early Age Marijuana Use Can Lead to Abnormalities in the Brain A new study conducted at the University of Texas at Dallas linked heavy, long-term marijuana use beginning at an early age to a smaller-volume orbitofrontal cortex, which is the area of the brain associated with … [Read more...]

Californians Fall Ill Due to Synthetic Pot-Laced Cakes

Southern California Bakery Laces Cakes with Synthetic Pot, Several Fall Ill As many as 40 people may have fallen ill after ingesting a traditional Hispanic holiday bread called the 3 Kings Cake, which was laced with synthetic pot. Cholula Bakery sold numerous Rosca de Reyes, or Three Kings Cakes, … [Read more...]

Colorado Funds Medical Marijuana Research

Colorado Becomes First State to Fund Medical Marijuana Research On Wednesday, December 17th, state officials in Colorado agreed to award $8 million to the study of medical marijuana to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, childhood epilepsy, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The state is now … [Read more...]

Congress Allows Medical Marijuana in Spending Bill

Congress Passes Spending Bill that Ends War on Drugs for States with Legal Medical Marijuana The passage of the federal spending bill this past Saturday, December 13th, signaled an historic moment for medical marijuana and the War on Drugs in the United States. The spending bill included an … [Read more...]

Marijuana Growing Operation in SC Shut Down

Huge Sumter-Based Marijuana Grow Operation Shut Down A Sumter, SC resident was arrested after police found a large marijuana growing operation along with at least 2 pounds of marijuana, worth $35,000. Gobe Dean McElveen, 50, was arrested and charged for manufacturing marijuana, as well as … [Read more...]

Mid-Term Elections See Passage of Recreational Marijuana

Oregon, Alaska, DC Legalize Recreational Marijuana, Florida Rejects Amendment 2 Although Florida did not pass its medical marijuana amendment – Amendment 2 – four other areas legalized recreational use of marijuana. Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC all legalized the recreational use of marijuana, … [Read more...]

More States See Recreational Marijuana on Ballot

As Midterm Elections Near, Two More States and DC Will Vote on Recreational Marijuana In 2012, Colorado and Washington State became the first two states in the US to legalize recreational marijuana use. Although many states have passed medical marijuana legislation, which can be especially … [Read more...]

New Type of Synthetic Pot Leads to State of Emergency

New Hampshire Governor Declares State of Emergency Due to New Type of Synthetic Pot On Thursday, August 14th, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan declared a state of emergency in response to 44 reports of overdoses linked to a new form of synthetic pot. Synthetic pot belongs to a classification … [Read more...]

Teen Faces Life in Prison for Marijuana Brownies

Teen Faces Federal Indictment, Life in Prison for Making Marijuana Brownies A 19-year-old Texas man faces a federal grand jury, and potentially life in prison, for making marijuana brownies, brownies laced with marijuana and hash oil. Jacob Lavoro’s case will be presented to a federal grand jury … [Read more...]