Californians Fall Ill Due to Synthetic Pot-Laced Cakes

Southern California Bakery Laces Cakes with Synthetic Pot, Several Fall Ill As many as 40 people may have fallen ill after ingesting a traditional Hispanic holiday bread called the 3 Kings Cake, which was laced with synthetic pot. Cholula Bakery sold numerous Rosca de Reyes, or Three Kings Cakes, … [Read more...]

New Type of Synthetic Pot Leads to State of Emergency

New Hampshire Governor Declares State of Emergency Due to New Type of Synthetic Pot On Thursday, August 14th, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan declared a state of emergency in response to 44 reports of overdoses linked to a new form of synthetic pot. Synthetic pot belongs to a classification … [Read more...]

North Charleston Synthetic Pot Seller Says Feds Robbed Her

Woman Running Synthetic Pot Store Feels Like Government Raid Robbed Her A week after South Carolina authorities said they would crack down on sales of synthetic pot, federal agents raided a shop owned by a woman in North Charleston. Joan Graf, the store’s owner, is unhappy about the raid, saying … [Read more...]

DEA Makes 3 Types of Synthetic Marijuana Illegal

Synthetic Marijuana Use on the Rise, DEA Declares Some Types Illegal The United States Drug Enforcement Administration has temporarily made three types of synthetic marijuana illegal. Synthetic marijuana belongs to a classification of drugs called canniboids, which have similar psychological … [Read more...]