Colorado Officials Warn About Pot Candy this Halloween

In a State with Recreational Marijuana Use, Officials Grow Concerned about Pot Candy for Halloween Colorado is one of two states in the US that recently legalized full recreational use of marijuana. The state features numerous dispensaries with pot edibles like brownies and pot candy lollipops for … [Read more...]

Denver Group Gives Away Medical Marijuana to Veterans

Hundreds of Veterans Receive Free Medical Marijuana in Colorado Event At an event in Colorado on Saturday, September 20th, hundreds of veterans received free medical marijuana and edibles, as an alternative to prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety medications. The event was hosted by Operation … [Read more...]

Teen Faces Life in Prison for Marijuana Brownies

Teen Faces Federal Indictment, Life in Prison for Making Marijuana Brownies A 19-year-old Texas man faces a federal grand jury, and potentially life in prison, for making marijuana brownies, brownies laced with marijuana and hash oil. Jacob Lavoro’s case will be presented to a federal grand jury … [Read more...]