Pediatricians Warn of Overuse of Medical Marijuana in Children

Medical Marijuana Should Only Be Used for Extreme Illnesses in Children, Pediatricians Warn Last year, South Carolina was presented with a classic case of the need for legalized medical marijuana: Mary Louise was a child in South Carolina, and she suffered from a serious and rare epileptic … [Read more...]

New Synthetic Drug Killing Teenage Users

New Synthetic Drug, LSD-Like “N-Bomb” Killing Young Users A new synthetic drug is responsible for killing some young users. The synthetic drug is commonly referred to as “N-Bomb,” and causes euphoria and hallucinations. The drug is described as much like LSD, but can be more deadly.  In South … [Read more...]

Ecstasy Use in Teens Doubles in 6 Years

Teenage Use of Ecstasy Doubles Over 6 Year Span New data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows that between 2005 and 2011, the number of emergency room visits due to the use of ecstasy doubled. In the data from those six years, according to the administration, … [Read more...]

New US Drug Survey Shows Drug Use Up, Marijuana Most Popular

Latest Government Drug Survey Shows Drug Use Up Among 50+ Group, Marijuana is Drug of Choice A new government survey shows that marijuana is the most popular drug among both teenage and adult users. It also showed that rates of teenage and young adult drug use remained steady, while use in the 50+ … [Read more...]