New Synthetic Drug Killing Teenage Users

New Synthetic Drug, LSD-Like “N-Bomb” Killing Young Users A new synthetic drug is responsible for killing some young users. The synthetic drug is commonly referred to as “N-Bomb,” and causes euphoria and hallucinations. The drug is described as much like LSD, but can be more deadly.  In South … [Read more...]

DEA Synthetic Drug Crackdown Reaches Columbia

DEA Cracks Down on Synthetic Drugs in South Carolina As we recently reported, Federal Agents are cracking down on synthetic drugs.   On Tuesday, May 20th, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officers raided two business in South Carolina.  Officers arrested the owner on South Carolina Federal drug … [Read more...]

Feds Crack Down on Synthetic Drugs in 29 States

Federal Agents Raid Synthetic Drug Manufacturers in 29 States On Wednesday, May 7th, federal agents conducted raids in 29 states in a massive crackdown on synthetic drug manufacturers. Authorities say that the synthetic drug crackdown occurred because of a suspected link between drug … [Read more...]

Synthetic Drug Causes Teenage Deaths

Synthetic Drug Linked to Teenagers’ Deaths in Two Cases Two teenage boys’ deaths have been linked to a dangerous new synthetic drug, which supposedly mimics LSD. In Missouri, the death of 14-year-old Ethan Rickman has been linked to a synthetic drug that he was told mimicked acid, or LSD. After … [Read more...]