After Attempt to Smuggle Heroin, School Principal Arrested on Federal Drug Charges

NY State School Principal Arrested on Federal Drug Charges: Attempted To Smuggle Heroin into a Prison Federal drug charges against a principal?  A woman and partner were arrested on Friday, July 18th, were arrested on federal drug charges for attempting to smuggle heroin and prescription drugs to … [Read more...]

Largest SC Suppliers of Cocaine and Crack Sentenced in Federal Court

Columbia’s Largest Suppliers of Crack and Cocaine Sentenced in Federal Court Three people responsible for the largest supplies of crack cocaine and cocaine in Columbia, SC have been sentenced on drug charges in federal court on Tuesday, February 25th, according to US Attorney Bill Nettles. Ivan … [Read more...]

Federal Authorities Seize 2 Tons of Marijuana in Charleston

Federal Drug Raid, $4 Million of Marijuana in Charleston Seized, Second Largest in City’s History On Tuesday, October 19th, officials with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, along with federal investigators, announced that they have seized almost 2 tons of marijuana in Charleston, SC which was … [Read more...]

Federal Drug Charges Lead to Arrest of 8 For Trafficking in Midlands

8 Gang Members Arrested on Federal Drug Charges for Trafficking Cocaine in the Midlands On Thursday, November 7th, federal authorities arrested 8 gang members on federal drug charges for trafficking cocaine and other substances in South Carolina, especially in the Midlands area. The gang members … [Read more...]

Eight More Suspects Indicted on Federal Drug Charges

Drug Ring Bust Turns Up 8 More Suspects, Arrested on Federal Drug Charges Eight more people have been indicted on federal drug charges related to a drug ring that distributed cocaine and prescription painkillers like oxycodone in Beaufort County. The total number of people arrested on federal drug … [Read more...]

Suburban “Pot Mom” Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

Suburban Mom Running Massive Marijuana Grow House Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges On Tuesday, October 8th, the notorious “pot mom” pleaded guilty to federal drug charges for running a multi-million dollar grow house in Queens, NY. Andrea Sanderlin, whose life has been compared to popular … [Read more...]

Illegal Search and Seizure Leads to Dismissal of Drug Charges

South Carolina Felony Drug Possession Charges Police have dropped drug charges against Courtney Wagner, the daughter of Natalie Wood, after concluding that she was arrested for illegal drugs recovered from an illegal search and seizure. Police discovered the illegal drugs after responding to a … [Read more...]