Superman Wannabe Arrested on Drug Charges in Utah

Man in Superman Shirt Arrested on DUID, Other Drug Charges Superman may be able to fly away when he’s in danger, but a man in Utah couldn’t outrun the police that pulled him over and arrested him on drug charges. The suspect’s name is Christopher Reeves, reminiscent of the late actor Christopher … [Read more...]

I Was Pulled Over for Speeding and had Drugs in My Car

What do i do? If you are pulled over for something simple as speeding, approached by a drug dog, and subsequently searched and arrested you have rights under the 4th Amendment which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Whether you are charged with: • Interstate drug … [Read more...]

Former Dentist Sentenced for Prescription Fraud, Solicitation

Former New Jersey Dentist Sentenced to Prison for Prescription Fraud and Soliciting Sex A former dentist from Succasunna, NJ has been sentenced to prison for prescription fraud and soliciting sexual favors from female patients. Ronald Jupiter has received three years in prison, which he must … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana May Help Multiple Sclerosis

Medical Marijuana Study Shows Compound May Help Multiple Sclerosis Better than Other Treatments According to a new study published in Neurology, medical marijuana may help alleviate several symptoms of multiple sclerosis where other treatments fail. MS symptoms are often difficult to alleviate, … [Read more...]

Meth Labs Are A Growing Problem in Richland County

Mobile Meth Lab in Truck Highlights Growing Problem On Friday, January 16th, Richland County officers arrested a man after finding a mobile meth lab in the trunk of his car. Samuel Guilard, 47, was pulled over for speeding down Kelly Mill Road, according to official reports. However, deputies … [Read more...]

Heroin Overdoses Kill Record Number of Ohioans

Record Number of Ohio Residents Die from Heroin Overdoses The Ohio State Department of Health released information about drug addiction and overdose in the state in 2012, and noted that a record number of Ohioans had been killed due to heroin overdoses. Ohio has declared heroin overdose an … [Read more...]

“Epidemic” of Heroin Overdoses Linked to Fentanyl

Heroin Laced with Fentanyl Causes Overdoses Across the Country Last month, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency set up a texting line to collect information after 22 people overdosed on heroin laced with fentanyl in Pennsylvania. In addition to the epidemic of overdose deaths in Pennsylvania, … [Read more...]

My loved one was arrested: What do i do?

South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys Determine Where They Are Being Held You must determine where your loved one isviagra for sale being detained. Once your loved one is at the detention facility they will have the opportunity to contact you. If you have not heard from your loved one, then … [Read more...]

Teen Drug Use Statistics

The good news is illegal drug use among teenagers is declining.   The  bad news is that the abuse of prescription drugs, especially pain relievers is increasing according to a Teen Drug Abuse Intervention Website. Click here to read more information from their website regarding teen drug … [Read more...]

Dentist Sent to Jail for Prescription Drug Fraud

Dentist Abused Prescription Drugs, Wrote Fraudulent Prescription, Going to Jail On December 3rd, a Columbia, SC-area dentist pleaded guilty to South Carolina prescription drug fraud charges, and he has now been sentenced to one year in prison. Dr. Ronald Q. Shermer pleaded guilty to the charge of … [Read more...]