End of Year Meth Lab Busts Across South Carolina

Six Meth Labs Busted in Colleton County

meth labPolice in Colleton County have arrested five people and busted six meth labs.

The raids were conducted on Monday, December 9th, and Tuesday, December 10th, and involved officials from the Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team, Criminal Investigations Division, Walterboro Public Safety, and the State Law Enforcement Division. Meth labs were found along State Street in Walterboro, and Cannon Road in Round O. Keegan Drive in Walterboro also had a meth lab dump site.

The following suspects were charged in the meth lab busts:

Thomas Greer McMillan, 41, of Hale Drive in Walterboro, is charged with third offense possession of methamphetamine and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Jason Edward Davidson, 37, of Cannon Road in Round O, is charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and improper disposal of methamphetamine waste.

Ronald R. Juliano, 47, of Cannon Road in Round O, is charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Nadia Baha Sami Tass, 35, of Poplar Street in Walterboro, is charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Rodney Zeigler, 48, of State Street in Walterboro is charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.

Three People Arrested in Berkeley County for Operating Meth Labs

On Tuesday, December 10th, Berkeley County officials also busted three people for three separate meth labs.

Richard Anthony Schultz, 41, was arrested after deputies searched his home and found several ingredients needed for “one pot” and “shake and bake” meth labs, which are becoming increasingly popular throughout South Carolina because they can be made from plastic soda bottles, and are easily disposable.

Officers also arrested Jennifer Atkinson, 31, at her home in a separate incident after searching her home and finding meth-making materials and a potential meth lab. She was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, and also exposing a child to meth.

Finally, officers arrested Bonneau citizen William Clifford Casselman, 42. He was charged with manufacturing methamphetamines, and simple possession of marijuana.

Reportedly, in neighboring Dorchester County, deputies also busted four additional meth labs in two days.

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