Drug Smuggling Pigeon Busted By Prison Guards

Colombian authorities recently caught a pidgeon who was being used to smuggle drugs into a prison. Prison guards spotted a bi

rd with a package attached to its back near a prison in Bucaramanga located in the northern part of the country.

When the guards caught the bird, it was carrying 1.6 ounces of marijuana and 0.2 ounces of crack cocaine on it. According to Gen. Jose Angel Mendoza, the commander of the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Police Force, this is a new case of ingenuity of criminals behind bars.

The pigeon was trained to go to a specific location to pick up the narcotics and deliver the package to the prison. During this flight, the bird was too weighed down to complete its run and bring the drugs to the intended recipient.

Mendoza added, “Due to the excess weight it was impossible for the bird to accomplish the objective and it ended up being caught by the police.” In other instances, pigeons were used to carry mobile phone SIM cards into the prison.

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