Cocaine Found on 92% of Public Baby Changing Tables

If you were already hesitant to use public changing stations to change your child’s diaper, news from the UK will make you never want to put your baby down again.

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ocaine-found-in-nine-out-of-ten-baby-changing-units.html” target=”_blank”>disturbing study in the United Kingdom revealed almost 9 out of 10 public baby changing tables showed traces of cocaine.

The tests, carried out by using specialist wipes, found that 92 percent of the 100-plus units examined carried traces of cocaine. They included facilities based in public toilets in shopping centers, hospitals, police stations, grocery stores, department stores, courts and churches.

The study was conducted by a team of Real Radio Journalists from a local station in North West England.

It came shortly after the UK was named the cocaine capital of Europe for the second year in a row and it seems baby changing stations aren’t the only germ-ridden surfaces to be tested. Reports indicate that restaurant booths and park benches may be next.

Although the results are disturbing, some people have pointed out that the results could be slightly skewed due to the fact that money and other things we often touch are also coated in traces of the drug.