No More Synthetic Marijuana at Gas Stations, Attorney Generals Demand

States’ Attorney Generals Send Letter to Oil Companies Asking Them Not to Condone Synthetic Marijuana at Gas Stations The attorney generals from 43 states in the US have all co-written and signed a letter that was sent to several major oil companies, requesting their help to stop the sales of … [Read more...]

Californians Fall Ill Due to Synthetic Pot-Laced Cakes

Southern California Bakery Laces Cakes with Synthetic Pot, Several Fall Ill As many as 40 people may have fallen ill after ingesting a traditional Hispanic holiday bread called the 3 Kings Cake, which was laced with synthetic pot. Cholula Bakery sold numerous Rosca de Reyes, or Three Kings Cakes, … [Read more...]

SC Store Owners Face Drug Charges for Synthetic Marijuana

Undercover Reporting Shows Several Stores Illegally Sell Synthetic Marijuana in South Carolina The week of Thanksgiving, WIS reported that the news station’s undercover investigation into drug sales in South Carolina revealed that several “head shops” and other stores in the state are illegally … [Read more...]

New Type of Synthetic Pot Leads to State of Emergency

New Hampshire Governor Declares State of Emergency Due to New Type of Synthetic Pot On Thursday, August 14th, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan declared a state of emergency in response to 44 reports of overdoses linked to a new form of synthetic pot. Synthetic pot belongs to a classification … [Read more...]

DEA Synthetic Drug Crackdown Reaches Columbia

DEA Cracks Down on Synthetic Drugs in South Carolina As we recently reported, Federal Agents are cracking down on synthetic drugs.   On Tuesday, May 20th, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officers raided two business in South Carolina.  Officers arrested the owner on South Carolina Federal drug … [Read more...]

Feds Crack Down on Synthetic Drugs in 29 States

Federal Agents Raid Synthetic Drug Manufacturers in 29 States On Wednesday, May 7th, federal agents conducted raids in 29 states in a massive crackdown on synthetic drug manufacturers. Authorities say that the synthetic drug crackdown occurred because of a suspected link between drug … [Read more...]

120 People Overdose on Synthetic Marijuana in Texas

In 5 Day Period, 120 Texas Residents Overdose on Synthetic Marijuana Police are investigating a rash of overdose deaths in Dallas and Austin that have been tied to the same synthetic marijuana dealer. In less than a week, 120 people overdosed on K2, a type of synthetic marijuana, in the two … [Read more...]

15 Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses in One Day

15 People in Texas Overdose on Synthetic Marijuana in One Day In Austin, Texas, fifteen people have reportedly overdosed on synthetic marijuana, according to EMS officials. On Wednesday, April 30th, the Austin EMS responded to 15 calls of unconscious and sometimes combative individuals. … [Read more...]

New York Jets’ Kellen Winslow Faces Drug Charges for Synthetic Marijuana

New York Jets’ Football Star Kellen Winslow Arrested on Drug Charges for Possession of Synthetic Marijuana New York Jets’ tight end player Kellen B. Winslow, Jr, has been arrested on drug charges for possession of synthetic marijuana. According to reports, Township Detective Sergeant John Fox … [Read more...]

Police Seize $750,000, Guns, and Drugs from Home of Synthetic Marijuana Peddler

Police Raid Synthetic Marijuana Dealer’s Home, Find More Than Just Fake Pot Authorities raided the home of a man on trial for dealing synthetic marijuana on Wednesday, December 18th, and found far more than just synthetic marijuana and incense. Jim Carlson, who is the first man to go on trial … [Read more...]