Prescription Painkillers Leading Cause of Kids’ Accidental Poisoning

Small Number of Prescription Painkillers, Sedatives Top Culprits Behind Accidental Poisoning in Children A government-backed study found that a small number of prescription drugs, particularly prescription painkillers and sedatives, were the leading causes behind accidental poisoning and emergency … [Read more...]

120 People Overdose on Synthetic Marijuana in Texas

In 5 Day Period, 120 Texas Residents Overdose on Synthetic Marijuana Police are investigating a rash of overdose deaths in Dallas and Austin that have been tied to the same synthetic marijuana dealer. In less than a week, 120 people overdosed on K2, a type of synthetic marijuana, in the two … [Read more...]

Heroin Overdoses Kill Record Number of Ohioans

Record Number of Ohio Residents Die from Heroin Overdoses The Ohio State Department of Health released information about drug addiction and overdose in the state in 2012, and noted that a record number of Ohioans had been killed due to heroin overdoses. Ohio has declared heroin overdose an … [Read more...]