Several States Move to Ban Synthetic Drugs

As DEA Examines Synthetic Drugs’ Safety, Several States Make Their Own Laws Bath salts, K2, molly – synthetic drugs are rampant in the US, and although the drugs can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and other terrible side effects, manufacturers of the drugs keep the chemical compounds one step … [Read more...]

Ecstasy Use in Teens Doubles in 6 Years

Teenage Use of Ecstasy Doubles Over 6 Year Span New data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows that between 2005 and 2011, the number of emergency room visits due to the use of ecstasy doubled. In the data from those six years, according to the administration, … [Read more...]

DEA Reports that Molly is Not Ecstasy, Could Be Bath Salts or Worse

After Four Deaths in the Northeast, DEA Cracks Down on Molly Dealers, Reports Drugs Are Not Pure A bad batch of Molly, a popular club drug that is marketed as a pure and safe form of ecstasy, was reportedly responsible for the deaths of four young adults in the Northeast at the end of … [Read more...]

Bad Batch of Club Drug Molly Leads to Drug Charges

Four People Dead, Two Arrested on Drug Charges, for Bad Batch of Molly Investigators are currently examining whether four recent deaths in three East Coast cities might be linked to a bad batch of a popular club drug called Molly, or ecstasy, which is a supposedly pure form of MDMA. The four … [Read more...]