Federal Drug Charges Lead to Arrest of 8 For Trafficking in Midlands

8 Gang Members Arrested on Federal Drug Charges for Trafficking Cocaine in the Midlands On Thursday, November 7th, federal authorities arrested 8 gang members on federal drug charges for trafficking cocaine and other substances in South Carolina, especially in the Midlands area. The gang members … [Read more...]

Getting High on Marijuana Can Lead to DUI

More States Legalize Marijuana Use, But Can Still Arrest High Drivers for DUI More states are legalizing marijuana, whether it is for medical or recreational use. So far, 20 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana use for medical reasons, while Washington State and Colorado … [Read more...]

Michael Douglas’s Son Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Cocaine and Heroin into Jail

South Carolina Drug Crime Attorneys The New York Daily News reported in October Actor Michael Douglas' troubled son pleaded guilty to yet another drugeneric viagra ukg charge - this time confessing he managed to obtain drugs while in prison. Cameron Douglas, 32, admitted he smuggled and … [Read more...]

Drug Cartels Now Recruiting Young Children

South Carolina Drug Crime Lawyers A conviction for a drug related offense carries stiff penalties.  Law enforcemcialis for saleent officials in Texas claim several Mexican drug cartels are luring youngsters as young as 11 years old to work in their smuggling operations. Director of the Texas … [Read more...]

Mexico’s Most Wanted Drug Lord’s Wife Gives birth to Twins in U.S.

California – MSNBC reported Mexico’s most wanted drug lord’s wife has given birth to twin girls at a hospital in California. The Los Angeles Times stated Emma Coronel, the 22-year-old wife of Joacheap priligyquin Guzman, came to the U.S. in mid-July and delivered her daughters at Antelope Valley … [Read more...]

Marijuana Package Tracked to NFL Player

CRESTVIEW HILLS – Ohio Authorities searched a house owned by Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson after a package containing 2.5 pounds ofCaliforniamarijuana was delivered to the home, according to an article in USAtoday. A spokeswbuy viagraoman for the California Department of Justice … [Read more...]

South Carolina Drug Trafficking Penalties

South Carolina Drug Trafficking Lawyers Trafficking Marijuana: more than ten pounds, but less than one hundred pounds • Firstbuy cialis online offense: One to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines; • Five to 20 years in prison and $15,000 in fines for a second offense trafficking … [Read more...]

Teen Drug Use Statistics

The good news is illegal drug use among teenagers is declining.   The  bad news is that the abuse of prescription drugs, especially pain relievers is increasing according to a Teen Drug Abuse Intervention Website. Click here to read more information from their website regarding teen drug … [Read more...]

I Was Pulled Over for Speeding and had Drugs in My Car

What do i do? If you are pulled over for something simple as speeding, approached by a drug dog, and subsequently searched and arrested you have rights under the 4th Amendment which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Whether you are charged with: • Interstate drug … [Read more...]

What’s at Stake When You are Arrested for Drug Trafficking

South Carolina Drug Trafficking Defense Attorneys Drug Trafficking Penalties in South Carolina The penalties for a drug traffickinviagra order ukg conviction in South Carolina are severe. Your rights, freedom, and future are at stake. Penalties for drug trafficking (depending upon the drug, … [Read more...]