Chronic Pain Could Lead to Prescription Painkiller Addiction

Americans With Chronic Pain May Take Unnecessary High Doses of Prescription Painkillers A new federal report released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on Monday, January 12th, reveals that, despite states cracking down on pill mills and drug-seeking behavior, prescriptions for painkillers … [Read more...]

Kentucky Files Lawsuit To Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

Kentucky Fights Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction with Lawsuit Against Pharma Companies Prescription drug abuse has been labeled an epidemic in the United States, and, because opioid painkillers have similar chemical compounds to heroin, the problem has also led to a resurgence in heroin … [Read more...]

Dentist Sent to Jail for Prescription Drug Fraud

Dentist Abused Prescription Drugs, Wrote Fraudulent Prescription, Going to Jail On December 3rd, a Columbia, SC-area dentist pleaded guilty to South Carolina prescription drug fraud charges, and he has now been sentenced to one year in prison. Dr. Ronald Q. Shermer pleaded guilty to the charge of … [Read more...]

SC Prescription Monitoring Program Can Help Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Committee Agrees South Carolina Prescription Monitoring Program Could Help Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse In March this year, Governor Nikki Haley issued Executive Order 2014-22, which created the Governor’s Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Council. The council was tasked with studying South … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Aims to Curb Prescription Drug Abuse

As Baby Boomers Age, One Nursing Home Attempts to Curb Alcohol and Prescription Drug Abuse The Baby Boomer generation is getting older, and many nursing homes struggle just to accommodate the potential overcrowding as one of the largest generations in American history ages past retirement. However, … [Read more...]

Prescription Drug Abuse is Growing with “Dirty Sprite”

Mix of Sprite and Prescription Drugs, a.k.a. Dirty Sprite Becoming More Popular Among Young People As the epidemic of prescription drug abuse becomes worse across the country, South Carolina and other southern states are seeing a growth of a popular consumption method called “Dirty Sprite.” The … [Read more...]

DEA Allows Pharmacies to Collect Unused Prescription Drugs

Pharmacies Allowed to Collect Unused Prescription Painkillers to Help Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse On Monday, September 8th, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Obama Administration issued new regulations to help prevent prescription drug abuse, which include allowing pharmacies to pick … [Read more...]

DEA Will Restrict Prescription Painkiller Use

DEA Issues Rules to Restrict Prescription Painkiller Use to Curb Abuse On Thursday, August 21st, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced that it would restrict prescription painkiller use in the US in order to curb the use of some of the most common rising problem of narcotic drug … [Read more...]

Heroin Overdoses Kill Record Number of Ohioans

Record Number of Ohio Residents Die from Heroin Overdoses The Ohio State Department of Health released information about drug addiction and overdose in the state in 2012, and noted that a record number of Ohioans had been killed due to heroin overdoses. Ohio has declared heroin overdose an … [Read more...]

Prescription Painkiller Addicts Look to Friends for Pills

Study Finds Prescription Painkiller Addicts Get Drugs from Friends, Not Dealers According to a new government study, people who are addicted to prescription painkillers get their “fix” from friends or relatives, who give them the drugs for free, or from doctor shopping, rather than going to drug … [Read more...]