Legalizing Marijuana in South Carolina

Arguments in favor of legalizing marijuana include: using the drug for medical uses, to collect a tax and generate government revenue, and personal freedom.

Statistics show that it may be the most commonly used illegal drug. Marijuana can be

smoked or eaten. The use of marijuana crosses a wide range of ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and professions. By some reports, an arrest for possession of marijuana in the United States occurs every forty five seconds.

Regardless of your own personal beliefs, the fact remains that it marijuana is an illegal drug. A conviction for even simple possession of weed in South Carolina can have lasting consequences.

Consequences of a conviction or bond forfeiture for simple possession of marijuana include:
• a criminal record,
• an automatic driver’s license suspension and
• potential loss of job opportunities, educational opportunities, military opportunities, and beyond.

Additional drug penalties include:

• Asset forfeiture
o Impounding of your car
o Seizure of your home or property if drugs were found on the premises
o Seizure of cash
• Loss of business or professional licenses

Being arrested for simple possession of marijuana does not mean that you are a bad person, that you are guilty, or that you do not have a defense to your case. Chances are that a search and seizure led to your arrest. Reviewing whether an illegal search took place is essential to your defense as well as having your charge potentially reduced or even dismissed. We pursue every angle to to determine how to present the most effective defense possible.

Enhancements in South Carolina

A conviction for simple possession of marijuana counts as a drug conviction. How you respond to your first offense can have lasting consequences. If you are convicted in the future of any drug offense, you may be subject to mandatory State or Federal prison time making it essential that you hire a criminal defense attorney to help you defend your case.

Drug charges in South Carolina can be processed quickly through the justice system, so it is essential to retain an attorney familiar with law as soon as possible. Contact a drug defense attorney at the Strom Law Firm, LLC, today for a free consultation to discuss the facts of your case. We know the law and how to defend your case. We offer flexible payment options, accept Visa and Mastercard and are prepared to take your case to trial to defend your rights.

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