DEA to Ban “Bath Salts” Drug

(WASHINGTOND.C.)- Under increasing pressure from several states, the Drug Enforcement Administration says it will temporarily prohibit possession and sale of three synthetic stimulants – known as “bath salts.” The DEA says they are hazardous chemicals that pose a danger to public health.

CBS News reported that at least 27 states have already banned the stimulants, and the DEA ban will take effect in 30 days.

The drugs are sold as bath salts or plant food and distributed under names like “Purple Wave,” “Vanilla Sky” and “Bliss.” The salts are extermely popular among teens and young adults they have been known to mimic the effects of cocaine, LSD and methamphetamines.

Bath salts are lab-produced stimulants known as “synthetic cathinones.” They primarily imitate the effect of marijuana, but can be more controlling and can result in users hallucinating and becoming extremely violent.

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The DEA says individuals have experienced disorientation, extreme paranoia and violent episodes after ingesting the chemicals. The salts are sold on the Internet and in some retail outlets.

The DEA says the ban will last at least a year, and then the government will determine whether it should permanently control the stimulants.

By: South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer Pete Strom